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Date  Followers Following Uploads
2019-06-01 Sat 145,257,141 - 368 - 4,270 -
2019-06-02 Sun 145,432,633 +175492 369 +1 4,272 +2
2019-06-03 Mon 145,524,329 +91696 370 +1 4,277 +5
2019-06-04 Tue 145,634,038 +109709 370 - 4,279 +2
2019-06-05 Wed 145,724,004 +89966 370 - 4,279 -
2019-06-06 Thu 145,789,390 +65386 370 - 4,280 +1
2019-06-08 Sat 145,960,400 +171010 368 -2 4,285 +5
2019-06-11 Tue 146,160,723 +200323 368 - 4,288 +3
2019-06-19 Wed 146,901,599 +740876 364 -4 4,303 +15
2019-06-20 Thu 146,970,937 +69338 364 - 4,309 +6
2019-06-21 Fri 147,062,553 +91616 364 - 4,314 +5
2019-06-22 Sat 147,114,468 +51915 364 - 4,315 +1
2019-06-23 Sun 147,211,767 +97299 365 +1 4,319 +4
2019-06-28 Fri 147,750,779 +539012 298 -67 4,333 +14
2019-08-14 Wed 153,394,405 +5643626 299 +1 4,459 +126
Total Summary +8137264 +189

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Current Stats 2019-08-20 153,394,405 4,459
30 days 2019-09-19 156,784,945 4,549
60 days 2019-10-19 160,175,485 4,639
3 months 2019-11-18 163,566,025 4,729
6 months 2020-02-16 173,737,645 4,999
9 months 2020-05-16 183,909,265 5,269
1 year 2020-08-19 194,645,975 5,554
1 year and half 2021-02-17 215,215,251 6,100
2 years 2021-08-19 235,897,545 6,649
Based on an average of +113,018 followers /day +3 uploads /day

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< 1,000 8%
< 5,000 5.7%
< 10,000 4%
< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% therock 1.23%

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View Post tcb⚡️
Mahalo @GQ for the “King of custom suits” title. 
Thank you to my Italian assassin fashion stylist @ilariaurbinati for the inspired visions while I rock the vibe. 
Come a long way from turtle necks & fanny packs 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
#hobbsandshaw #china #kingofcustom #cognacblues 🥃 2019-08-13 image tcb⚡️ Mahalo @GQ for .. 1,106,661 5,015
View Post So grateful to everyone for your support and creating this nice momentum for our little spin-off @hobbsandshaw. $333M in just our first week of box office and the #1 movie in the world, again - ain’t too bad. 
Thank you for making this such an exciting first week. 
And remember, the best way to shut the mouth of a 🤡 is to flex with success and a smile.
@sevenbucksprod 2019-08-13 video So grateful to everyone f.. 852,906 4,448
View Post Broke out my new tequila for a toast of gratitude and celebration w/ my partners for @hobbsandshaw being the #1 movie in world. 
Chris Morgan/ producer of Hobbs and Shaw and writer of Fast5, Fast6, Fast7, Fast8 and Hobbs & Shaw. 
@hhgarcia41/ Producer Hobbs & Shaw and President of @sevenbucksprod
Brad Slater/
WME partner & my lead agent. 
Whether my boots are on the ground or 40,000ft in the air, my appreciation to these gents for their years of hard work for our special project is boundless. 
#hobbsandshaw 🥃
@jonbrandoncruz 📸 2019-08-12 image Broke out my new tequila .. 1,416,753 4,102
View Post And smokin’ still ain’t allowed in school. 
#HobbsAndShaw #Venice 
@hhgarcia41 📸 2019-08-12 image And smokin’ still ain.. 2,714,481 10,504
View Post Not too bad WEEK 1 of box office business. 
Thanks everyone around the world for having a great time and supporting our little spin-off known as @hobbsandshaw. 
Keep on keepin’ on ~ DJ 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-08-12 image Not too bad WEEK 1 of box.. 1,550,812 8,764
View Post Life has a funny way of always bringing you right back home. 
Making @hobbsandshaw was a special one for me, because it created the opportunity to showcase one of my real cultures (Samoan) and share it with the world. 
And our press junket gave me an opportunity to fly my press friends in from around the world to experience and soak in the culture as well. 
As I roll on down this long road of life, I’ve made many press & journalist friends along the way and I was pretty moved by the tearful exchange I had at the end of this video with one in particular. 
Goes to show how important it is to keep our actions and our words positive and encouraging, because you never know who’s quietly watching, listening to your words that may have just saved them from despair - to help them rise up and enjoy this wild and unpredictable thing we call life. 
Cheers my friends and thanks for joining me on this one 🥃
#hobbsandshaw #pressjunket #hawaii
@jonbrandoncruz🎥 2019-08-12 video Life has a funny way of a.. 1,395,246 5,218
View Post When you think about who belongs on the Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling, @steveaustinbsr is the first one I carve in that mountain. He was my mentor, great friend and helped me develop my “ring psychology” which is critical to master if you want to draw money in the wrestling business. 
Our @wwe feuds became legendary and our chemistry was incomparable. 
Thanks for takin’ this punk kid under your wing and showing him the ropes to greatness - and sexy bald heads. 
Congrats on your new show, #StraightUpSteveAustin! Looking forward to watching it. 
Duck my clothesline, hit me with your Stunner, 1-2-3- let’s go home, brother. #austin316 🍻 2019-08-11 video When you think about who .. 1,874,636 7,594
View Post Deepening our partnerships within China. 
Pleasure to spend time with my new partner, Dr. Chanchai, Chairman and founder of Reignwood Group, who acquired majority stake in @vossworld in 2016. 
The Chairman was accompanied by VP of Reignwood Group, Mrs Please Yan and the company’s senior leadership team. 
As the new kid on the block who recently acquired stake in @vossworld, my temperament is with humility and eagerness to 
understand our needs for growth within the Chinese market, while participating in China's conversations towards sustainability for a country with close to 1.5 billion residents.
Thank you, Dr Chanchai for our time together in Beijing. 
We look forward to the partnership and accomplishing our goals. 
Progress thru Humanity. 
#china 🇨🇳 2019-08-11 sidecar Deepening our partnership.. 1,023,534 2,805
View Post tcb⚡️
Thank you, China. 
I’ll see you again down the road. 
#hobbsandshaw #august23 🇨🇳
@jonbrandoncruz 📸 2019-08-10 image tcb⚡️ Thank you, Chin.. 3,787,785 16,674
View Post We anchor our @HobbsAndShaw storyline in the relationship between Hobbs and his estranged brothers. One Hobbs brother in particular is very special - my cuz, @romanreigns aka Joe Anoa’i. Our lineage and bloodline goes back generations with great pride and respect for some of the greatest ring warriors of all time. Bad dudes. 
On set, we kept the intensity, but we were also focused, aware and highly respectful of the men in our family who came before us, sacrificing their blood, sweat & guts for each other all in the name of family and BROTHERHOOD. 
Much love & respect to Roman and all my brothers in our movie. 
We made something pretty cool for our audience, our culture and our bloodline. 
#HobbsAndShaw 2019-08-10 video We anchor our @HobbsAndSh.. 3,031,134 11,382
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